A Session with Scenic Route to Alaska, C.R. Avery and NQ Arbuckle: A Block Heater Event

The Calgary Folk Music Festival presents Block Heater:

A Session with Scenic Route to Alaska, C.R. Avery and NQ Arbuckle: A Block Heater Event

Sat · February 11, 2017

Doors: 1:00 pm / Show: 2:00 pm (event ends at 5:00 pm)

Festival Hall

Calgary, AB


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This event is all ages

This event features a songwriter-in-the-round collaborative session with: Scenic Route to Alaska, C.R. Avery and NQ Arbuckle (2pm-3:30pm), followed by a concert by Scenic Route to Alaska (4pm-5pm).

Scenic Route to Alaska - (Set time: 2:00 PM)
Scenic Route to Alaska
“I’ve been gone now for quite some time… I’ve been waiting to see you again”

It’s no surprise that many of the songs on Scenic Route to Alaska’s “Long Walk Home” 2016 album centre around departures, returns, nostalgia and homestretches. Edmonton’s busiest folk-pop-rock trio seems to constantly tour, honing their craft and strengthening their already accessible and identifiable sound. Trevor Mann, Murray Wood and Shea Connor create melodic, infectious, effortlessly energetic music – the perfect accompaniment for a road trip where the only goal is enjoying the journey.

Hails from: Edmonton, AB
C.R. Avery - (Set time: 2:00 PM)
Back here again. Streets like water... Can’t seem to break these old habits of falling off the wagon… Whatever happened to you and me against the world?

Musician. Painter. Poet. Author. Songwriter. Beatboxing multi-instrumental showman: C.R. Avery is all these things and more. Unbound by genre, his seemingly limitless, diverse skills make for audacious and electrifying live shows. Blistering blues harmonica, densely packed spoken word, beautiful and poetic ballads – none are out of place. C.R. Avery seems to be in an endless one-upping competition with himself but ultimately, the real winner is the audience. CV

Hails from: Vancouver, BC
NQ Arbuckle - (Set time: 2:00 PM)
NQ Arbuckle
Everything I say is a lie. How do you like me now?

Like a post-modern glass skyscraper housed within a 1930s limestone façade in downtown Toronto shines Canada’s premier alt-country rock band, NQ Arbuckle that create new spins on old takes. From the collective of Neville Quinlan, Mark Kesper, Peter Kesper, John Dinsmore and Jason Sniderman comes a recognizable genre that is refreshingly unconforming. Quinlan’s poetic lyrics rise above the singing stomp-alongs to hang quietly in the air, patiently intoxicating you with their 98 proof potency. “In a green dress she danced like a net in the water… and when the wedding was over I had to get out of there.”

Hails from: Toronto, ON
Venue Information:
Festival Hall
1215 10 Ave SE
Calgary, AB, T2G 0W6